Upholstery work

Brand new upholstery gives offices and homeowners an affordable way to update the look of their work and living spaces and McGarity’s Business Products is proud to have Upholstery Services among our long list of offerings. Therefore customization allows for boring, dated furniture pieces to become fresh and unique once again.  Our past and current projects include commercial, healthcare, residential and custom fabrication. We are proud to have over 40 years combined experience and expertise. With this amount of knowledge, McGarity’s is able produce the highest quality work and a quicker turnaround than the standard lead time.

When working with our commercial customers, our skilled craftsmen are happy to work on-site when necessary and are adept at doing custom work and figuring out creative solutions for those unusual jobs. This also includes the ability to work outside of normal business hours. We offer a wide selection of commercial grade fabrics, as well. In addition to our commercial accounts, we also offer residential upholstery services by experienced artisans at our in-house shop. For more information or a quote, email us at upholstery@mcgaritys.com.

To see photos of recent projects, visit our Upholstery Photo Gallery.

I’m an Interior Designer, and have found the upholstery services at McGarity’s to be exceptional.  Quality of workmanship and the personal attention to detail have ensured that not only am I pleased with the final product, but most importantly, my clients are happy.  Colby and his crew are such a pleasure to work with…and my calls are always returned in a timely manner…how refreshing!  Thanks and you have my highest recommendation.   Vivian Luke, Interior Designer–Bon Air Interiors