The Conlan Company’s offices are a stunning display of contemporary design, functionality, and sophistication. The boardroom is an elegant space that exudes style and professionalism, with the Kimball Dock table as its centerpiece. The table’s unique design offers flexibility, making it ideal for various uses, including board meetings, collaborative work, and presentations. The Kimball Karid chairs and Fringe bench seating complement the table’s design. Altogether, the boardroom is a prime example of how the right mix of furniture and design can create a functional, stylish space that inspires productivity and creativity.

The working lounge is an energetic space that promotes collaboration and innovation. The Kimball Strassa collaborative table, ERG International chairs and stools, and Kimball Dock tables create a dynamic workspace. With the right balance of furniture and design, our team has created a workspace that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The Kimball Priority desks, Joya task chairs, and Tucker guest chairs in the private offices create the perfect productive workspace. The desks’ sleek and modern design complement the overall aesthetic of the office, while the Joya task chairs provide comfort and support. The Tucker guest chairs are a stylish addition to the private offices, offering a comfortable space for visitors to relax and wait. Overall, this installation is a testament to Kimball’s commitment to creating an inspiring workspace that fosters productivity and creativity with their products.